3lbs on

Well after 3 day binge ending on Thursday I weighed in today at my mums. Verdict ? Well the title! Haha. Doing my best to stay on track. Had a wee dip but picking my self up. Food will not help my hurt and emotions go away! It only makes them worse! Xxxx


Alcohol is bad :(

Eeeekkkkkkk two day hang over 😦 went out sat night. All weeklies and prob more gone. Only plus is that I was so ill yesterday being sick all day and not eating much at all. Been good today despite wanting loads of chocolate. Got enough for a curly wurly and a hot chocolate tonight. Xxxxx


Weigh in a day early this week

Well decided since mum pulled my arm to go into town that I would go and weight in at boots instead of waiting til her house tomorrow and verdict is …. 2 off!! I can’t begin to tell you how please I am. Especially after binge on Wednesday! Been exercising and putting money in jar. Once I get to £50 going to treat my self to something non food. Like new outfit 🙂 reward for my hard work. Every time I binge it wiped out the days efforts. Good incentive eh? 🙂


Reflect. Keep calm.

So I was doing great. I’d fought off the whole flipping hard times. The peak of the binge. Go me. Even got through my wedding anniversary unscaved.
Then last night happened.

I need to draw the line before this carries on. How did it happen?

Maybe it’s because I was stressed I hadn’t studied in nearly a week. Annoyed at my self. I was. But that’s it head down.

Maybe it’s because I hadn’t exercised in a week. I was that too. It’s 5.41 and in going to now. And tonight and tomorrow. Around studying.

It started when Paul left with Simone for shop. I made her lunch and my dinner. Instead of studying. But I was hungry. I sneaked about 7 sausage rolls

Then I have a bounty ice cream. I got taste for the chocolate.

I began to think why the hell did I mutter the words to people “I’ve been binge free for a week”. Tempting bloody fate. I brushed off the ice cream it was pointed. I had two more. Pointed. Then I realised I pointed wrong. I was pointing 2 each and they were 4 :@

I tried to not let it get to me. I started watching telly. Couldn’t be bothered exercising like I promised. Got annoyed I had race soon. Not even made time to run. Because let’s face it if I have time to sit on backside not studying watching telly I have time to blood run or cycle or what have you.

From there I have half bar of chocolate. Sausage roll. Another bar of chocolate. Malibu and diet bru. (I hadn’t had irn bru in weeks. I was really proud of that!) half tub of ice cream half the bag of Caribbean wedges. Think that’s it. She says.

I am disappointed in my self. I wanted a good weigh in on Saturday. But there is not point in moaning. Pick my self back up and start again.

One thing I am grateful for is fact I could have got a take away. I didn’t. 🙂 I’m still 1 week takeaway free and I would have had all that and take away prob.

Feel bit sick today but that DVD is getting it!!!!! Biggest challenge is weigh in sat. A gain will probably send me over the edge so need to be mindful and look at it from Afar. I want this. I need to mind myself!!!!!!!